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If you are not sure of the brand name for your HVAC, heating, or cooling system then one of the first aspects on your requirement list for a company should be their complete knowledge of how to service all brands, makes, and models.  Lots of companies claim to be familiar with all of the top names in North America, but what about the units that are from or inspired by designs overseas?  We believe that unless you can really back up your word by servicing even foreign brands of heating and cooling units, that those other businesses may not be as honest as they claim.

Here at Daitsu Electric, we have the years of experience that mean lots of hands on practice and training that is needed to be a successful HVAC company for over two decades.  Did you know that the top rated heating and cooling contractors across the nation tend to hire licensed or certified technicians?  That is because being certified by the state shows the community of HVAC people, as well as customers, that our team of techs are willing to go the extra mile to stay updated on the latest products and techniques that we can possibly learn.

So many satisfied house holds and businesses around the country are often pleased to hear that there are actually many ways that you can save money when you choose the right HVAC services nearby.  The Environmental Protection Agency update their standards for energy saving heating and cooling products, and chances are, your system is out of date.  Shopping with our expert techs at Daitsu Electric could save you the hassle of double checking and comparing prices from everywhere else.  Even if you choose to not install a new AC unit today, we also provide air duct cleaning services and tune ups which could likely increase the energy efficiency of your present HVAC.

Daitsu Electric can take care of all your cooling and heating needs, whether the job is big or small.  We understand that getting reliable local HVAC techs and local plumbers can be a difficult task, especially if you live or work out of an urban area.  Some inexperienced city plumbers can make mistakes that can cause damage to surrounding sewer lines, or even worse.  And a smaller space, such as an apartment, means there is a good chance you plan on moving again.  One of the easiest ways to achieve portable air conditioning, is by purchasing a ductless air conditioner.  They can be easier to regularly maintain because there is not a need for duct cleaning in hard-to-reach places; however, tune ups and vent cleaning is still a must to guarantee the greatest potential of longevity for your system. When power goes out we also do Commercial Generator Rentals Detroit MI.

Call our offices today for free advice as well as a free estimate if you are considering a visit from one of Daitsu Electric’s adroit technicians or our friends at HVAC Suffolk.  Our services are always on time, friendly, and you will never be taken by surprise with sneaky add-on or hidden fees.  Trust our honest and long running company for the best in HVAC services near you.